Hapkido    Tai Chi

Hapkido (meaning “Way of Harmonizing Energy”), is a dynamic Korean style martial art primarily focusing on self-defense without injury to the aggressor.   Hapkido, which utilizes circular motions and the opponent’s own physical actions to one’s benefit, has been enhanced by Tai Chi fundamental movements. Many techniques learned in Hapkido training can be integrated into daily life, such as falling techniques, personal safety in public places, and situational awareness. The training includes kicking, punching, throws, falling, joint-locks, pressure points, sparring, knife and gun techniques and swordsmanship.

Street Smart Hapkido is also available exclusively for private lessons.   This technique is designed for street crime survival.   This style is simple and easy to learn.   There are no prerequisites or belt system.  Since all kicks are directed to the lower body, flexibility is not required. Adults of any fitness level are welcome.



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